01.16.2017 |

Another Sight Into Life :: Live it Up Leadership

Blog post from LiveItUp Leadership:

When I first heard about live it up! I thought to myself:
“Wow. This is a great opportunity for me to see if I can survive in the wild.”

I thought I was just adding it to my list of experiences, checking off another item from the “things to do before I die” bucket list. I didn’t realise I would be getting so much more, a transformation, both physically and personally, like:
- Flying in a helicopter
- Learning more about leadership by living it
- Thinking in a survival instinct, and
- The power of my life!

I will start with the last one: life itself. For me the entire Laponia journey was a mirror into life itself. In our daily lives, we encounter different kinds of obstacles in forms such as illness, stress, grief, time constraints, conflicts, relationships, addictions and many more. Maybe our obstacles in Laponia were not the same as in real life, but what they share is that there is life after struggle. It is our human nature to move on in life, even if our perspectives have changed.

The second day we started to hike, and within 10 minutes we were soaked head to toe. We walked a long distance that day, with steep ups and slippery downs. As we came to a very wide, rushing river, our guide realised we could not cross at the usual point; it was too risky with eight inexperienced persons and a riverbed full of slippery stones. This was exasperating because we spent about 1,5 hour hiking up that path and now we had to go back down to find a different crossing point.  We were wet, cold and tired but we kept fighting, one step after another! I don’t remember anyone complaining – what a show of character when things get tough!

For me, survival instinct became the way in which we cooperated as a team. We had to take every step TOGETHER, we needed to move as a group. Together we were smarter, braver and had a good time. We needed each other more than anything else. And we preservered together!

Through the leadership workshops, I learned that we can truly do everything and anything we want - we have to dare, we have to “break up” with our fear. It’s funny because one from our group is doing a project called “Breaking Up With Your Fears.” I had the same feeling in Laponia. With every risk I took, I gained new knowledge about myself, new confidence in my abilities and all that I can in fact do. Just the fact that I signed my name to this project was risky; some were against it, but I did it anyway. I knew I would get so much from this entire experience, and if I didn’t take it, I’d regret it one day.

So, I would say it’s okay to take risks sometimes, to break up with your fears in order to break through to what really you aspire to, to discover your courage and to connect with what truly motivates you.

And, lastly, a little fun. Never in my life did I expect to fly in a helicopter! It was such a big surprise to us all and I think we all are very thankful for that experience. For me, it was not the helicopter itself which really caught me, it was to zoom out and see what we had accomplished during the five intense and challenging days. It was breath-taking to see the routes we took from a higher view, knowing we had been there, done that.

I hope that as many girls out there as possible can experience and gain the same knowledge we did during our entire live it up! journey. It will move them into and for the rest of their lives.